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Degasificator RHIS

         Despite of 50 years of history of the industrial steel degasification and continuous improvings in the construction and the technology, the existing technologies have a row of the shortcomings which can't be corrected within the classical constructions and technological diagrams. The process of vacuum processing is developed for the solution of this problem in the pony ladle, allowing, in case of rather small capital investments and costs of repartition, to receive the considerable improving of quality of final products. The offered concept of the degasification of metal in the pony laddle with the circuital method «RH-IS» has essential advantages compared to the traditional methods of the degasification.

*3d image also available

Primary benefits:

  • exclusion of separate process of degasification from the technological chain;
  • exclusion of additional pollution of the metal in the course of the long time between the degasification and the pouring. The degasification is made just before the ingot crystallization;
  • the small overall dimensions and the possibility of installation in any workshop where the installation of a stationary degasificator is impossible;
  • the minimum capital and operational expenditures (the expenses are about 5 times less in comparison with the stationary degasificator).
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