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Refinement in the pony ladle

         This technology is the most actual one for the production of qualitative steel grades, like the steel for pipes production, the steel for the deep extension and other qualitative steel grades.

         Advantages of this technology:

  • the production of qualitative steel grades with the low content of hydrogen, nitrogen, nonmetallic inclusions without the degasification process;
  • the maximum decrease of the covering of the immersion glasses and the glasses dispenser with the nonmetallic inclusions;
  • the ensuring the low content of sulfur in the ready metal;
  • the extension of the assortment of products;
  • the decrease prime cost of products:

         -at the expense of the renunciation of the degasification process;

         -at the expense of the methods of the disoxidation, allowing to increase the coefficients of the assimilation of expensive materials.

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