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Small flameproof forms for the pony ladle

         Steel pouring on the continuous casting machine with superlong series is limited by the wear of the working layer of lining of the pony ladle in a zone of slag belt and area of falling of the stream following from a steel-pouring ladle. The essential increase in firmness of lining of the pony ladle can be reached while using the metalreceivers of the special geometrical form considering specifics of the concrete pony ladle and the conditions of pouring.

         As a result of executed researches essentially a new construction of the metalreceiver providing pouring with superlong series is developed. The choice of the constructive decisions is made in connection with specific conditions with the use of the methods of physical and mathematical simulation.


         The offered device (tuyere) for refinement of steel with inert gas, allows to delete as much as possible nonmetallic inclusions, and it is applicable on all continuous casting machine types.

         On deleting the nonmetallic inclusions it is possible to reach the maximum effect only in case of the layout of blowing-off devices close to the place of the expiration of metal from the pony ladle that gives the chance of deleting nonmetallic inclusions, both exogenetic, and endogenous character.

         The tuyere installation in the zone of the greatest congestion of nonmetallic inclusions (over the casting glass) allows to make the maximum refinement, besides, the veil of beads of inert gas causes the flow rate braking that in turn reduces the turbulence of the expiration of the stream from a casting glass, providing a normal course of pouring.

         Using the groundworks of our own design office and possibility of the machine-building complex of the Republic of Belarus, we project and make different parts to the rolling mills, compared with the quality of the global manufacturers.

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