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Complex for production of the fluidized lime

         Solves the following problems:

  • reduce lime’s total consumption;
  • decrease in the overall level of steelmaking rejects;
  • secondary refining time reduction along with the increase in efficiency of all production chain;
  • optimization of the steel manufacturing main units’ performance;
  • expansion of the range of products through the production of highly expensive and cost-effective grades of steel with very low sulphur content;
  • decrease in the environmental load of the enterprise.

         Production process consists of the separation of small-sized fraction of lime, directly on an output from the unit, its processing and effective use in the production technology.

         Advantages of the processed fluidized lime:

  • doesn't hydrate, has the long term of storage;
  • has high reaction capacity, will quickly form homogeneous slag, the active desulfurator;
  • has the increased fluidity, it is transported by means of any mechanical and pneumatic equipment;
  • is ideal suited for insufflation in a cast iron and steel melt;
  • it is eco-friendly, doesn't create a dust content.
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