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         The list of operations for the technology introduction:

  • selection and placing of equipment for thermal working of metal in existent conditions;
  • technologies of products manufacturing in accordance with all existing strength classes: At400 - Atl200 under STO ASChM7-93; GOST 10884-94 and international Standards ASTM A615, ENV 10080, DIN488, BS 4449, SFS 1215 and other;
  • training, support and technology observance control of thermo-mechanically strengthened rolled section manufacturing (reinforced bars and wire rod No.6-No.40).

         The process of thermal and mechanical strengthening of reinforced bars is conducted after the rolling mill in a special facility (thermo strengthening line). After a rapid water cooling of a rod, the upper hardened layer (martensite) is formed; meanwhile the core preserves its structure – austenite. Then within a short period of time a temperature self-adjustment of the outer layer and the core centre takes place due to the gradient of both parts’ temperatures. Thus the martensite layer undergoes self-adjustment.

         Final formation of a rod structure occurs on the cooling bank.

         The necessary level of steel's mechanical properties is achieved by:

  • update of thermo strengthening line assembling scheme;
  • consumption and pressure of water in thermo strengthening line;
  • temperature of metal's self-tempering;
  • speed of rolling on a mill.

         Advantages of this technology:

  • manufacturing of products in accordance with all existing strength classes including international ones: At400 - Atl200 under STO ASChM7-93; GOST 10884-94 and ASTM А615, ENV 10080, DIN488, BS 4449, SFS 1215 etc.;
  • reduction in costs of expensive alloying additions in steel-melting manufacture;
  • manufacturing of reinforced bars, which combines durability and plastic properties with good welding ability.
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