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Productions of the fluidized lime and coal-dust fuel

         As you know, freshly burned lime with mesh size from 0 to 80 mm is used in the steel-smelting units, with proportion of mesh size from 0 to 10 mm reaching 10-20%.

         Key problem is the presence of lime with mesh size from 0 to 10 mm that leads to:

  • quick liming (react with humidity in the air) that results in hydrogen loading to the metal;
  • reduction of lime’s reactive capabilities;
  • logistics difficulties;
  • adverse effect on the ecological situation:

increased dustiness, +25-40% (carrying out lime with gases from steel-smelting units);

increased gas and dust removal system load;

increased lime aspiration system load;

  • increased equipment deterioration;
  • augmented transportation operations;
  • decreased burden permeability due to increasing dust exhaust in shaft-type furnaces (blast-furnaces, cupola furnaces).

         Thus approximately 15% of the consumed lime’s total volume is out of operation while producing additional negative industrial, commercial and ecological risks.


         this technology permits to remove lime with mesh size from 0 to 10 mm, process it and effectively utilize it in production process.

         the material suits for injection into molten iron cast or steel, has high reactive capabilities, advanced liquidity and extended storage period.

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