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Simulation in the pony ladle

         There are no universal decisions for optimum geometrical parameters of the pony ladles, metalreceivers and other piece products. The choice of constructive decisions shall be carried out in a connection with specific decisions taking into consideration the use of methods of physical simulation.

         The increase of an operation life of the pony ladle in the continuous casting machine and improvement of quality of the steel (with the change of directed flows of metal in the pony ladle by means of change of construction of piece products) is the result of physical simulation of processes in the pony ladle.


  • expertize of the main technical solutions of projects in construction/reconstruction of the objects of metallurgy;
  • decrease of the number of large nonmetallic inclusions (15 mkm and more) to 35%;
  • average saving on repartition more than 1$ per tone.

Information is provided from the results of industrial tests.

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