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About us

"TMT" company for over 10 years providing services in engineering, peer review, audit process metallurgical projects and the development of technologies and equipment for the production process of steel and long products.

Our business covers the following processes:

  • steel production in electric arc furnaces (EAF);
  • steels in facilities ladle furnace (ACP) and tundish casters;
  • casting steel billet continuous casting machine (CCM);
  • metal forming rolling mills for long.

Given the ever-increasing demands for quality and to increase competition in the markets of steel products, we see our goal to promote the modernization and development of enterprises through the introduction of technological methods of production and processing of steel with minimal capital investment and maximum performance, whether increasing production, improving quality, expanding product mix or cost reduction.

Our company is a group of practitioners who have worked for many years in various areas and positions of the metallurgical enterprises of the "stove" before finishing sector, from assistant steelmaker to production manager. The experience gained, the theoretical training and partnerships with leading institutions allow us to offer a modern, but at the same time economical and already proven solutions.

Our clients:

  • steel plants, for which we provide a range of engineering services from concept development or reconstruction of production facilities prior to commissioning of the warranty and performance results;
  • Investors wishing to have an independent and reliable information about the technical risks and opportunities related to the purchased equipment or industrial complexes;
  • equipment suppliers and engineering companies that are interested in the representation of their interests, the manufacture of equipment on the territory of a single customs union and completion of commissioning teams for equipment commissioning.

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