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  • OJSC “SSGPO”, Rudny, Kazakhstan


    Supply of equipment, development of technical documents, reinforcing steel production technology introduction.
  • «DVM Export GmbH», Köln, Germany


    Bar-rolling mill equipment, spare parts supply and rapid-wearing parts.
  • “EVRAZ OJSC”, “Active”, Kostanay, Kazakhstan


    Contract implementation results: bar-rolling mill equipment supply consulting report; assessment of cold, hot and guarantee tests; additional equipment, crane facilities and laboratory evaluation consulting; assisting during negotiations over equipment and spare parts supply; inspection of main design solution of general contractor.
  • “KSP Steel”, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan


    Contract implementation results: bar-rolling mill equipment supply consulting report; assessment of cold, hot and guarantee tests; additional equipment and spare parts supply consulting; assisting during negotiations over main and supplemental equipment with Siderengineering S.p.a.
  • “KSP Steel”, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan


    Contract implementation results: technical documents on project of bar-rolling mill with wire shaft clearing for operation and introduction of round-bar iron production (5,5 and 12 mm coils); engineering, project conception and designing of documents (including elaborating blueprints of armature and pilgering evaluation); coil production consulting; clearing for operation and key performance indicators evaluation; technical and technological support of maintenance works; personnel training.
  • “KSP Steel”, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan


    Development and introduction of pipe steel production. Key achievements: low nitrogen and hydrogen content without vacuum evaporation implementation.
  • “EVRAZ ZSMK”, Novokuznetsk, Russia


    Supply of casting rollers for bar-rolling mill with slitting operation option. Supply of spare parts. Key contract indicators achieved.
  • EVRAZ ZSMK”, Novokuznetsk, Russia


    Technology development, construction, development and production of casting rollers, production of armature No.8,10,12,14 (with two lines division). Key performance indicators achieved
  • “Ashansky MZ”, Asha, Russia


    Development of a modernization concept (equipment consulting, business assessment, logistics optimization of electric arc furnace DSP-120 (Consteel), operation procedures development). Key achievements: transition from open hearth (Siemens-Martin process) to electric arc furnace.
  • “Casting”, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan


    Roughing mill and intermediate stand standardization. Development and production of casting rollers. Supplying and introduction of carbide spacing washers for finisher stand equipment of bar-rolling mill. Key figures: 10% production growth by timing optimization.
  • “Casting LLC”, Pavlodar, Republic of Kazakhstan


    Reinforcing bar production technology with slitting operation introduction.

    Technology development, casting roller construction, personnel training.

    Key figures:
    introduction of the process of production of armature No.12,14 (with slitting operation);
    60% efficiency growth.

  • OJSC “Amurmetall”, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia


    Providing steel production growth in coherence with introduction of resources-saving technology.

    Steel refinement technology introduction in ladle metallurgy facility and ladle-furnace facility.

    Key figures:
    15%energy consumption reduction;
    10% production growth.

  • Steel Works (BSW), Zhlobin, Gomel region, Belarus


    Modernization of electric arc furnace (DSP-100) and continuous casting machines with the purpose of efficiency optimization.

    Introduction of cord steel production technology (K70, K80).

    Optimization of bar-rolling mill efficiency by introduction of the slitting process.

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